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Cement Group

KDT Cement Group provides general engineering design work and site supervision.

Chemical Group Featured

Chemical Group

KDT Chemical Group supports Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Japan.

Civil Group Featured

Civil Group

KDT Civil Group creates innovative and practical Civil Engineering design.

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Cryogenic Group

KDT Cryogenic Group is to support KHI Cryogenic Storage System Department.

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Electrical Group

KDT Electrical Group provides support and assistance in the preparation of drawings, engineering designs and services.

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Boiler Group

KDT Energy Group helps KHI attain its goal through constant support in preparing and designing different types of Boilers.

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Environmental Group

KDT’s Environmental Group acknowledges the importance of health and well-being.

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Material Handling Group

KDT Materials Handling Group is a part of the Engineering Department of KDT which support KHI Plant System


Mill Group

KDT Mill Group specialized on focusing mainly in the detail design and engineering of mill and other equipments for use in Industrial Plants.

Piping Group Featured

Piping Group

KDT Piping Group is a part of the Engineering Department of KDT which supports Kawasaki Heavy Industries Plant System


Ship-System Group

KDT Ship Group is always collaborating with the KHI Ship Corporation in Sakaide.


Structural Analysis Group

KDT Analysis Group aims to deliver consistent high quality Finite Element Modeling and Analysis jobs.

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Tunneling Equipment Group

KDT Tunneling Equipment Group provides technical assistance to the Japanese engineer assigned in KDT.

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Ash Handling Group

A new KDT Group is coming soon!

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Z2 Function Group

A new KDT Group is coming soon!