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Chemical Group


As part of KDT Engineering Department, KDT Chemical Group works in harmony alongside with KHI Japan’s Chemical Plant Engineering Department by providing technical services dealing with the designs of chemical plants, with utmost quality and efficiency. The group assists KHI’s industrial plant designs from basic engineering to detail engineering, from construction stage supervision, site inspection, to project commissioning.

Using highly reliable technologies, the group caters the production of engineering drawings and three-dimensional models in view of the industry’s increasing demands for technological developments. Such designs which the chemical division endorses are Fertilizer Plants, Ammonia and Urea, with natural gas as the feedstock. In addition, Kawasaki’s Gas-to-Gasoline Project, the first commercial plant of its kind in the planet, converts natural gas into petroleum products such as gasoline and LPG. The section also accommodates designs of plant utility systems like Raw Water Treatment Facilities and Waste Water Treatment Units. Likewise, its design of high-performance Flue Gas Desulfurization Plant (FGD) holds licenses from several countries contributing to the global environmental protection. The group is also under continuous studies to extend its products’ range and develop unique solutions such as production of Bio-Ethanol and transport of hydrogen for a sustainable source of energy.


Scope of Work:

  • Industrial Plants of KHI
  • Preparation of Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) and Utility Flow Diagrams (UFD)
  • Preparation of Piping Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • Preparation of Layout/Arrangement (Plot Plan) Drawings
  • Preparation of Loading Data and Anchor Plan Drawings
  • Preparation of Planning, Assembly and Detail Drawings for Equipment
  • Preparation of 3D Plant models
  • Preparation of other Detail Drawing with Bill of Materials / Take-off
  • Preparation of Documentation Works
  • Site Inspection, Supervision and Monitoring
  • Project Commissioning



  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • MS Office and Adobe Acrobat
  • AVEVA PDMS 12.0 SP6
  • Smart Plant P&ID (SPPID)
  • Autodesk Navisworks


Future Plan Capabilities:

  • Development of new chemical plants
  • Process design calculation
  • Engineering economy and cost-estimation of proposed projects
  • Use of other Intelligent software as the needs arise



KHI Projects on which KDT Provided Engineering Services:

  • AMMONIA and UREA Plants Project (Kermanshah, Iran)
  • UREA Plant (Fatima, Pakistan)
  • AMMONIA and UREA Plants Project (Mary, Turkmenistan)
  • GAS TO GASOLINE (GTG) Project (Akhal Velayat, Turkmenistan)
  • FLUE GAS DESULFURIZATION (FGD) Project (Saudi Arabia)
  • FLUE GAS DESULFURIZATION (FGD) Project (Nghi Son, Vietnam)
  • FLUE GAS DESULFURIZATION (FGD) Project (Thai Binh, Vietnam)
  • BIO-ETHANOL Production Demonstration Facility (Akita, Japan)
  • SULFURIC ACID Facility Project (Japan)