Sukagawa Incineration Plant (Japan)

Environmental Group


Main-Kobe11 Incineration Plant

KDT Environmental Group acknowledges that the quality of the environment has a deep impact to the health and well-being of the people that live in it; and to keep the environment healthy, a good Waste Management System is necessary. One of the popular methods applied especially in developed countries is through the use of an Incineration Plant. Incineration introduces a disposal method where the solid organic wastes are subjected to combustion to convert them into residue and gaseous products. Incinerators convert waste materials into heat, gas, steam and ash.


In collaboration with KHI Japan’s Environmental Group, our group have put into practice the Waste-To-Energy Concept wherein solid organic wastes are collected and subjected to combustion and the heat produced is utilized through heat recovery boiler and power generator to generate electric power which is then used by the different Electric Companies. Furthermore, it ensures the prevention of flue gas pollution by using appropriate treatment systems.


Our KDT Environmental Group has two (2) main jobs, namely:

  • Equipment Detail Design Job – deals with the design of equipment being used in KHI Environmental Group projects especially in Incineration Plants. AutoCAD is the main engineering tool used in these jobs.
  • PDMS Modeling Job – deals with 3D modeling of equipment using PDMS software as an engineering tool to provide proficient means of detecting possible interference/clash between structures and for better visualization of various KHI incineration plants.


Scope of Work:

  • Mechanical Equipment Design of various Incineration Plants.
  • Prepare Detail drawings for various Incineration Plant equipment such as Incinerator, Gas Quenching Tower, Ducts, various Tanks, Structural, Deck and Handrails
  • Prepare Detail drawings for various Recycling Plant Equipment.
  • Integrate the Material List to the drawings automatically using BOM System.
  • Checking of all drawings thoroughly to ensure that the designs are completed on time, of high-quality and to meet the target on profitable and cost-controlled manner.
  • 3D modeling of steel and concrete structures, mechanical equipment, ducts, building utility piping and cable racks. Clash checking of structures, equipment, ducts and piping spools.



  • AutoCAD
  • PDMS 12.0 SP6
  • CATIA V5
  • Autodesk Navisworks Manage
  • MS Office
  • Adobe Acrobat


Future Plan Capabilities:

  • Main Mechanical Equipment Designs
  • Site Inspection, Supervision and Monitoring
  • Project Commissioning


Sample Projects:

  • Planning and Design of General Assembly of Equipment.
  • Hofu Incineration and Recycling Plant (Japan)
  • Miyakonojo Incineration Plant (Japan)
  • Matsusaka Incineration and Recycling Plant (Japan)
  • Saikai Incineration Plant (Japan)
  • Kobe 11th Incineration Plant (Japan)
  • Watari-natori Incineration and Recycling Plant (Japan)
  • Shijonawate-Katano Incineration and Recycling Plant (Japan)
  • Takatsuki Incineration Plant (Japan)
  • Kusatsu Incineration and Recycling Plant (Japan)
  • Komatsu Incineration Plant (Japan)
  • Sukagawa Incineration Plant (Japan)
  • Fuji Incineration and Recycling Plant (Japan)
  • Kagoshima Incineration Plant (Japan)
  • Chita-nanbu Incineration and Recycling Plant (Japan)