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Material Handling Group

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KDT Materials Handling Group is a part of the Engineering Department of KDT which support KHI Plant System, that primarily deals with design and construction of various types of Bulk Material Handling Facilities (Conveyors, Stacker, Ship Loader, Reclaimer, etc.), Storage Facilities, Part Cargo Facilities (Container Crane etc.), Boarding Bridge, and Aircraft Maintenance Dockyard.


We aim to create accurate fabrication drawings and 3D models to assure that the product will not suffer too much error during fabrications and site installations. We help KHI for making precise drawings and submit according to the deadline.




Scope of Work:

  • Handles the 2D design drawing and 3D modeling by the use of CATIA V5 Software.
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Estimation Materials
  • Creation of 3D models in details each part for presentation purposes for clients.
  • Site Inspection, Supervision and Monitoring
  • Preparation of Bill of materials
  • Preparation of Parts List
  • Getting the Center of Gravity for Lifting and Site Installation
  • Basic Material Strength Calculation
  • Transportation Parts List
  • Preparation of Kinematic Movement of the Machine
  • Clash Checking of the Equipment using 3D software



  • AutoCAD
  • CATIA V5
  • MS Excel
  • MS Power Point
  • MS Word
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • 3D Composer
  • ADAM System
  • EVA System


Future Plan Capabilities:

  • Structural Analysis using FEA
  • Project Commissioning
  • Navis Work


Accomplished Projects:

  • JFE KEIHIN CY-1STL (Japan)
  • SMI WAKAYAMA SR-4 (Japan)
  • ANA No.3 DECK (Japan)
  • Asahimas Chemical Reclaimer (Indonesia)
  • (Philippine Mining Service Corporation) PMSC SL & BC (Cebu, Philippines)
  • Shunan Bulk Terminal (Japan)
  • Aomi (Marine Boarding Brigde) MBB (Tokyo, Japan)
  • JFE Fukuyama (Japan)
  • JFE Kurashiki (Japan)
  • Kobe Steel Vertical Conveyor (Kobe, Japan)
  • Hirohata SR-2 (Japan)
  • Jindal RC (India)
  • Jindal SR (India)


Current Projects

  • Yokosuka Coal Project (Japan)
  • Yokosuka Gypsum Project (Japan)
  • NS KASHIMA WL-1 (Japan)