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Picture 1Ash Handling Group

With the recent trend toward more diversified fuels and combustion technologies, such as coal produced at various overseas and domestic mines, fluidized bed boilers and coal gasification plants, the call for more intense development of new technologies in ash handling systems is growing stronger every day.

Kawasaki is meeting this need, based on its abundant experience as Japan’s leading and most sophisticated ash handling system supplier and boiler manufacturer. To date, Kawasaki has supplied over 80% of the ash handling systems in operation at coal-fired power stations in Japan ranging from 75MW to 1,050MW unit capacities.

Kawasaki custom designs and engineers each ash handling system to fit all the performance requirements for each application by thoroughly evaluating such factors as site, environmental impact, fuel types, unit size, energy availability, economy, plant facilities, ultimate disposal and/ or utilization of ash, and any other items pertinent to the final selection of the optimum ash conveying system.

Whatever your job, whatever your needs, you can be sure there’s a Kawasaki ash handling system that will fit your requirements exactly.


KDT Ash Handling Group provides support and assistance in the preparation of technical drawings, 2D/3D modeling, engineering designs and services to Kawasaki Heavy Industries Plant System, that primarily deals with the design and construction of various types of Ash Handling System Facilities   (Bottom Ash System,  Fly Ash System, Coal Ash Shipping, Reclamation System, etc.), which support various type of Boiler and provides variety of Ash Handling Technologies to meet the various needs of Power plants.


Scope of Work:

  • Preparation of 2d/3D modelling using AutoCAD, CATIA & PDMS software.
  • Preparation of Planning, Assembly and Fabrication Drawings for Structure & Equipment.
  • Preparation of Bill of Materials.
  • Preparation of Documentation Works.


  • AutoCAD
  • CATIA V5
  • PDMS (Plant Design Management System)

Future Plan Capabilities:

  • Design of Standardized Equipment
  • Site Inspection, Supervision and Monitoring
  • Project Commissioning

Sample Projects:

  • Matsuura #1 – (700 MW) – Japan
  • Kashima #1 – (500 MW) – Japan
  • Hitachinaka #1,2 – (1000 MW) – Japan
  • Noshiro #1,2 – (600 MW) – Japan
  • Shinko #1,2 – (700 MW) – Japan