Cryogenic Group


The Cryogenic Group of KDT Engineering Department was established last June of 2013. It deals with the design of various PC LNG tanks based on cryogenic technology developed by our cutting-edge engineering. LNG Storage Tank is a specialized type of tank that is used to storage of liquefied inflammable gas with a very low temperature. The nitrogen gas can be stored at -196 degree celsius while helium can be stored at -269 degree celsius.


Along with the coordination of the Cryogenic Engineers from the mother company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries aims to provide the clients with excellent service in regards to the designing of LNG Tank.


Scope of Work:

  • The group has been working on the design of LNG tank with different capacity such as the Small LNG Tank (10,000KL & 12,000KL) and Large LNG Tank (160,000KL & 230,000KL).



  • AutoCAD


Sample Projects:

  • 220,000 KL LNG Tank (Midorihama, Japan)
  • 230,000 KL LNG Tank (Ishikari Hokkaido, Japan)
  • 160,000 KL LNG Tank¬†(Taiwan)