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Mill Group


We are a specialized group in the KDT Engineering Department focusing mainly in the detail design and engineering of mill and other equipment for use in Industrial Plants. Since our inception in 1998, we have worked closely with KHI Industrial Plant Engineering Division’s Mill Group to complete several of these equipment. Primarily KHI’s version of vertical mill, the CK Mill. With the benefit of our design experience, using both 2D and 3D systems, we were able fulfil our Mother Company’s design and engineering needs.


Scope of Work:

  • Planning and Design of General Assembly of Equipment.CK-340 Cement_Slag Mill
  • Planning of Mill Grinding Section Arrangement.
  • Planning of Mill Piping Arrangement.
  • Preparation of Drawings and Materials List.
  • Outline drawings and Flow Sheet
  • Arrangement drawings
  • Assembly drawings
  • Foundation drawings
  • Detail/Fabrication drawings
  • Provide 3D modelling using AutoCAD & CATIA
  • 3D Animation (i.e. Mill Erection & Installation)



  • AutoCAD
  • MS Word, MS Excel
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • CATIA Composer


Future Plan Capabilities:

  • Mill Design
  • Mill Plant Engineering
  • Use of other 3D Softwares
  • Development of new concept Mill
  • Grindability Test of Raw Materials with Test Mill
  • Support of Sales Activities for CK Mill Project in Philippines.
  • Site Inspection, Supervision and Monitoring
  • Project Commissioning


Sample Projects:

Below are the list of KHI Projects in which KDT Mill Group has collaboration with.

  • CK Mill
    • CK-490 Raw Mill, CK-490 Cement Mill & CK-490 Slag Mill (China)
    • CK-450 Raw Mill, CK-450 Cement Mill & CK-450 Slag Mill (China)
    • CK-410 Raw Mill & CK-410 Slag Mill (China)
    • CK-390 Raw Mill (Vietnam)
    • CK-370 Raw Mill, CK-370 Cement Mill & CK-370 Slag Mill (China)
    • CK-370 Cement Mill (Tanzania)
    • CK-340 Raw Mill (China)
    • CK-340 Slag Mill (Korea)
    • CK-280 Slag Mill (Japan)
    • CK-250 Coal Mill (China)
    • CK-240 Coal Mill (Myanmar)
    • CK-170 Coal Mill (Indonesia)
  • Tube Mill
    • 7000kW Ø5.3×16.0mL Cement Mill (Vietnam)
    • 4800kW Ø4.7×14.0mL Cement Mill (Myanmar)
  • Others
    • Tetracyclone for Raw Grinding (Vietnam)
    • Tetracyclone for Raw Grinding and Cement Grinding (Vietnam)
    • KRF-21 Rotary Feeder, KRF-19 Rotary Feeder (China)