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Ship Group


KDT Services Ship New SingleShip is one of the core products of our mother company Kawasaki Heavy Industry. In order to meet the demands of their client in delivering ships on schedule, KHI Ship Corporation has expanded their modelling and design into KDT.
KDT Ship Group as part of the Engineering Department of KDT is always collaborating with the KHI Ship Corporation in Sakaide in the modelling and design of some high profile ships like the LNG, LPG, Drill Ships and others. We are here to provide valued engineering services to our mother company with emphasis on quality and integrity.


Scope of Work :

  • Production designing and Modelling of superstructure using Tribon M3 and Aveva Marine 12 softwares.
  • Outfitting Design and Modelling of Ship’s pipe, pipe band support and structures using Tribon M3 and Aveva Marine 12
  • Modeling of Ship’s Machinery and Equipments using Tribon M3 and Aveva Marine 12 softwares.
  • Macro Programming for AM12 using C# and PML languages.



  • Tribon M3
  • Aveva Marine 12
  • C# and PML Programming Languages


Future Plan Capabilities:

  • Production designing and Modeling all structure (include hull construction)
  • WOP (Work Operating Procedures)
  • GENZU (Plate Nesting
  • Weight Calculations
  • Planning of Outfittings (Decision of Joint Position/Installation Stage/Installation Order and so on)
  • Strength Calculations (Decision of Material Size)


Sample Projects:

  • LNG Carriers
  • LPG Carriers
  • Offshore Structure (Drill Ships)