Ship-System Group



The KDT Ship-System Group is the product of the merger between the Ship Macro Team and the System Group of KDT. Offering valued engineering services with emphasis on quality and integrity, the Ship-System Group was established to become the company’s solutions provider of software automation and application development needs. The group’s expertise also includes macro creation, modification and maintenance of AVEVA Marine PML forms, functions and objects for Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation (KSC) in Japan. Our proven capabilities and products are currently utilized by our clients for greater work efficiency and productivity.



Scope of Work:

  • Macro Programming
  • Software Automation
  • Application Development


Programming Language:

  • Visual Basic Application
  • Visual Basic
  • Batch File
  • Python
  • C#
  • XML
  • PML
  • SQL


Software Proficiency:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017
  • PDMS – Aveva Marine
  • Tribon M3
  • AutoCAD
  • Excel


Sample Works / Projects:

  • Automated Job Manhour Recording and Report Generation
  • Automation of Support Fabrication Drawings and Material Take-off (MTO)
  • Software (Token Flex) License Management Tool
  • Quick Response (QR) Code Generator
  • Automated Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Mesh Adjustment Tool (CATIA)
  • Tubing Symmetry Tool (CATIA)
  • Macro Library (CATIA)
  • Aveva Marine Macros
  • PDMS Macros


Ship Production Design and Modeling of Superstructure

Ship Outfitting Design and Modeling of Pipe, Pipe Band Support and Structures

Ship Machinery and Equipment Modeling


Future Plan Capabilities:

  • AutoCAD – LISP and VBA
  • Arduino – KDT messaging system
  • Hypermesh customization