KDT Summer Outing Y2019!

By Veronica Mendoza / 10th April, 2019


KDT goes back to Camaya Sands Bataan for this year’s Company Outing.

Everyone is excited to explore the island and experience thrilling activities, improved amenities and of course to relax and indulge on food options.

As a bonus, KDT conducts its annual games with much awaited prizes. This year, 5 teams participated on this fun-filled and friendly competition. This gives everyone a chance to interact with one another in a relaxed environment.

On the other hand, a lot has changed on Camaya Sands Bataan since 2015. From transportation to amenities, truly Camaya Sands never fails to impress us. Transportation by Sea directly from Manila to Camaya Sands Bataan is now easy thru The Esplanade Seaside Terminal. It only took us around 2 hours to reach our destination.

Also, a recently built attraction is now open. Lucky for us we were able to experience their new facility called “Aqua Fun Giant Slide”.

Some had tried the snorkeling, kayaking and their Inflatable Obstacle Course. While others chill on the Infinity Pool.

Overall, this was a very good experience and we were able to relax and enjoy not only the scenic view of Camaya Sands but also the bonding of KDT members.