KDT Summer Outing Y2018!

By Ernesto Veloso / 5th April, 2018


As highly anticipated, KDT held its annual Summer Outing at the Club Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas on March 22~23, 2018. Everyone had experienced these two (2) days of fun-filled and exciting team-building activities which enabled our members to interact with one another in a relaxed and enjoyable environment!

On day one (1), assembly time was held at around 5:00~5:30 AM at the FiveE-comCenter Building (Pacific Drive, Mall of Asia Complex) and the group arrived at the resort at around 9:30 AM. This was followed immediately by the much awaited relay games by the different teams, swimming and of course not be missed, the buffet-style lunch with lots and lots of drinks!

Day two (2) was spent as free time and various sports activities had been tried like volleyball, banana boat ride, lawn tennis, table tennis, billiards and many more! Of course, it won’t be complete without the picture-taking and strolling by the beach of our members and not to mention, just simply savoring and enjoying the sumptuous food and drinks being served before us!

Time flies really fast, at around 1:30 PM, the group headed back safely to Manila.

Whew, everyone is already looking forward to our KDT’s next Summer Outing this coming 2019!

*Special thanks to the GM Team, to Ms. Van, Ms. April, Ms. Ann, Ms. Lorie and to the rest of the committee members who helped and contributed in making this company activity a success! Not to forget are the efforts of Ms. Lara and Mr. Chris for providing us the excellent pictures and videos that we could always look back and cherish forever!