KDT Summer Outing 2015

By Admin / 14th July, 2015



KDT holds its annual Summer Outing and the place is none other than Camaya Sands Bataan!

Games and prizes are for grabs with lots of other fun-fare activities. Surely, this one is for the records!

The aim of this activity is to promote sportsmanship and group camaraderie amongst our KDT members either by having some friendly competitions via games (with prizes of course) and by having the chance for each members to interact outside of work in a relaxed environment. Some activities include sporting events, get together breakfast, lunch & dinner, great travelling experience and many more!

Camaya Sands by the way, by land, is a three-hour drive from the metro. It has off-white sand that is almost at par with the sands of the best beaches of the country add to that, the natural cleanliness of the waters that are part of the West Philippine Sea: no sea urchins, no seaweeds, just more fine sand underneath your feet.

Most of our KDT members tried the resort’s infinity pools. In contrast to the sea’s natural coolness, the pools are just the right amount of warm. It feels like being in a jacuzzi minus the bubbles!

A few had tried the snorkelling and kayaking but many did the hiking adventure. We were able to unwind under the sun or get a tan while lying on the beach benches and patio lounges that are abundant in the resort.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable part of the trip was our craving for the food! There were lots food selection of meals like bagnet, calamares, pansit-bihon, and other desserts and coolers while enjoying the breath-taking beach view.

Surely, this kind of activity promotes camaraderie and at the same time, our members were also able to have fun!