KDT Bowling Tournament 2016!

By Lou_Administrator / 18th August, 2016



KDT held its Annual Bowling Tournament at the SM Bowling Center on August 17, 2016!

Assembly time was held at around 5:00 pm and the tournament proper started at around 5:30 pm up until about 10:30 pm. Lots of prizes were given away, all for the fun of it!

A sumptuous dinner was also served (buffet-style) near the bowling area. Surely, this is a treat for those hungry but excited KDT employees!

Below is the Tournament Format (courtesy of KDT Bowling Organizers):
1) This is a one-round robin friendly team bowling tournament.
2) Each participating team is entitled to play 3 matches (total of 6 players are lined-up for every game).
3) Team standing shall be the accumulative total team scores (after 3 matches).
4) The team with the highest series of scores after 3 matches, shall be declared the winner (Champion Team), then the next highest series of scores as 1st runner-up and so on.
5) If a tie occurs in any position, the last player who has the highest score shall prevail.
6) A team has the right to have a substitute player in case of absence.
7) A late bowler can still catch up his/her game as long as the 4th frame has not been bowled.
8) All printed scores should be counter-signed by both competing teams.
9) Individual *prizes/awards to be awarded are as follows (total of about 6):
– High Game Scorer (Male, Female)
– Most No. of Strikes Made (Male, Female)
– Most No. of Spares Made (Male, Female)

* For Individual awards, the winner could only claim a prize once (highest one) and would not be entitled to another prizes (example:    a player made a High Game score and at the same time had the Most No. of Strikes, in this case he/she can only claim the prize for the High Game score).
* High Score, Most No. of Strikes and Spares; We will apply average scores/spares/strikes. To make it fair for all, because there could be some instances wherein some members can play twice/thrice due to non-availability of other players.

Summarizing the above activity, promoting sportsmanship and developing group camaraderie were among the aims of this annual activity not to mention the fun and laughter that our members truly enjoy.

Looking forward to KDT’s next Bowling Tournament 2017!