First KDT KAIZEN Awarding Ceremony Y2017

By Ernesto "Lou" Veloso / 9th May, 2017


The first ever KDT KAIZEN Awarding Ceremony was held successfully and the General Presentation of the Top Three (3) winning entries were shown to all KDT members on May 04, 2017!

Each entries were limited to only fifteen (15) minutes per presentation followed by a 5-minute Q & A portion. Below are the following winning themes or entries:

1st Prize: Health Awareness & Recreational Activities

Groups: Environmental, Material Handling & Ash Handling

Presentors: Lara Dimaculangan, Ram Balgoma, Louie Panopio

2nd Prize: Cable Rack Sizing Software

Group: Electrical

Presentors: Brix Becina, Martee Gulapa & Jom de Jesus

3rd Prize: Enhanced Manhour Information and Job Manhour Report

Group: Ship & IT Group

Presentors: Veronica Mendoza & Angie Palen

All KDT members are encouraged to have a continuous effort to improve the work quality and efficiency in their working environment. Also, KAIZEN ideas should have the following goals:

  • KAIZEN theme must be based on positive attitudes.
  • KAIZEN should promote teamwork and cooperation.
  • As much as possible, do what we can with the utilization of our existing and available resources.
  • It should “not” promote disunity, dissatisfaction, complaints, blaming-others-culture and competitions among ourselves.
  • The target of the KAIZEN is “your work” and not of “others”. However, if a certain KAIZEN idea can be applicable and shall be useful to other groups as well, then it is highly encourage to start it within your group first, then the GM Team will elevate it and promote it, to be recommended to the other groups in the future.

This year’s General Management (GM) Team as headed by KDT President, Ogiso-san; KDT Eng’g. Director, Nogomi-san; Sr. Manager, Mr. Toni Laureano; Engineering Managers, Mr. Conrado Benitez and Mr. Erwin Tan… their able support and wisdom was able to contribute to this year’s KAIZEN activity and have come into fruition. Over-all KAIZEN facilitator is Mr. Ernesto Veloso.